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In the Bible, when faced with a dire financial problem, a widow went to see the Prophet Elisha for help.   His response?  “What do you have in your house?”  (2Kings 4:1-7)

Many schools, churches, recreational, and social organizations struggle to maintain funds to cover the cost of uniforms, events, or even basic operating expenses; often seeking to generate needed funds through fundraisers, membership drives and other pleas to the community to help support their vision.  However, the solution to their financial problems are often found within “the house”.  

While the number of self-employed people has greatly increased in recent years, yet many business owners struggle to succeed because they lack the resources to adequately advertise.  Your business members could provide greater financial support to your organization if they had more customers.  Your consumer members need products and services and are going to purchase those products and services from somewhere.  If they’re going to spend the money anyway, why not encourage them to support businesses that are owned by the business members within your organization?

With our B2B Integration Services, we help organizations like yours connect its business members to your consumer members. Services offered:

  • team consultation / training: we meet with your team and walk you through solutions for how your organization can best connect your business and consumer members that fits within your organizations specific guidelines
  • website integration: we can develop a directory hub on your website that makes it easy for your members to search for and patronize businesses owned by your members

Like the widow in 2Kings, contact us to day to learn how you can use what’s in your house to meet your organizations present needs and even have enough to live on for years to come!